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Just be thankful…

Just be thankful…

Today, as 260 million people (mostly Americans) sit down with their families eating turkey in the full knowledge they’ll probably have to do it again in a months time for Christmas, I’m thankful I’m not one of them!

The whole hullabaloo over Christmas is bad enough, without having the dress rehersal that is Thanksgiving as well. Or have I got it completely confused and wrong ?!


  • In my limited experience, some spend one holiday with one family/set of friends and the other holiday with another (think different sets of in-laws etc.).

    I avoid both assiduously. Bah humbug…

  • The sitting down with family to eat turkey part of the holidays is the only good part. It's the mad rush to buy tons of presents you can't afford (and that no one wants) that is the bad part.

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