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Evil thoughts…

Evil thoughts…

A friend of mine has just bought (and named) a Nabaztag, a wireless Internet monitor that comes in the shape of an undeniably cute rabbit. One of the key features of it is that it’ll read out the subject line of any email you send to a designated email address.

Wouldn’t it be a tad spooky if your cute Nabaztag rabbit suddenly started quoting lines from Donnie Darko? 😉

(If I was going to get one, I’d call it Harvey…)


  • holy cow! it's like having a web-surfing dog, only you don't have to take it out to toilet.

  • The family I stayed with in Nice had one. Strange bloody things. The rabbits. Not the family.

  • After looking at that website, I'm convinced that those rabbits are being manufactured by either aliens or terrorists (or both!) in order to invade our homes and record our personal information and brainwaves.

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