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John Barrowman's taking his tablets…

John Barrowman's taking his tablets…

If you held John Barrowman’s first single in your hands, and saw it was a cover of the screeching karaoke classic All Out Of Love, you’d expect it to be a diva-ish affair with soaring vocals, and huge production values.

Prepare to be disappointed. He does have an orchestra behind him, but judging from this video, it has none of the passion and drama that you’d expect from Mr. Barrowman. He must have been taking his Hyperactivity tablets… I won’t even comment on the irony of having the out-and-proud Barrowman’s exclusive video debut next to a picture of a “Gay Dalek”…

Oh, and David Tennant as a bespectacled geek.


  • Sally

    All Out of Love isn't being released as a single. It is one song on John Barrowman's new album, Another Side (being released on 12 November). If you don't like that particular song, try one of the others. There's a whole range of excellent songs, from Time After Time, Your Song, Weekend in New England, and if you like soaring vocals and high production values, try All By Myself.

  • Who is John Barrowman?

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