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iPod vs laptop vs PSP vs …

iPod vs laptop vs PSP vs …

A friend of mine is flying over from the United States at the end of the month, and has kindly (or rather foolishly) agreed to bring some goodies for me, if I buy them in advance. So I’m left with wrestling over what to get myself and benefit from the ridiculous US/UK exchange rate – even though I can’t necessarily afford it at the moment. So should I get:

  • a new slightly bigger laptop, even though I’ve already got a Core Duo laptop with 1GB RAM and a reasonably good graphics card, which I got 18 months ago for about $2000?
  • Perhaps the new-fangled iPod Touch? The trouble is, I already have an ancient black-and-white old iPod from a bygone era (which I literally sweated over when I bought it 3 years ago), and I don’t use it that much except when I’m driving in the wilds of Wales where I can’t get hold of any radio stations. However, it does look dead flash and swish.
  • Perhaps a Sony Playstation Portable? With the slight flaw that I don’t spend that much time travelling on trains any more, so chances to use it would be quite limited. And besides, I have my existing (or a new!) laptop if I wanted to play games.
  • Maybe I could get a new swisher smart mobile phone, but there’s no guarantee they’d even work over here!

Of course, the sensible option would be to save some money instead, especially as there’s no desperate need for a new gadget. And since I already have an LCD TV, a Playstation 3 and a Nintendo Wii, I already look like the cliched bachelor with far too much money and not enough people on his hands.

But then again, how often can you almost get a laptop for half-price, and get US$2.1 for a mere English pound? It’s a bargain, I tell ya – a bargain!

What do you think?


  • Ian Fenn

    A macbook or macbook pro. You won't regret it. Honest.

  • James Martin

    You will regret it if the MacBook goes wrong outside the 12 month warranty period and Apple won't do anything about it. Especially when you find out hundreds of other customers are in the same situation…

    I very excitedly bought a PSP in the summer and have used it four times.

    Buy an iPod Touch, its an even cooler iPod than an iPod… its got a touch screen for goodness' sake… and you can browse the web using WIFI… brilliant. Especially as people like McDonalds are introducing free WIFI in all their restaurants. Errr… outlets… ahem.

  • I would humbly recommend an iPod Touch. It's a web-surfing machine. And a video player. And a portable calendar and contacts book (the calendar works best if you visit and unlock your iPod, whereupon you can patch it to allow you to add entries).

    It also plays music, but that's almost not the point any more.

  • I agree with Ian, macbook or pro.
    Once you go Mac you'll never go back.

    Don't bother with PSP, you can pick one up cheaply enough over here.

  • Save your money! Next year the NEXT great thing will be out, and you'll wish you'd waited. Especially since it sounds like your heart really isn't in it right now anyway.

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