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The 35th top UK blogger is …

The 35th top UK blogger is …

apparently my former neighbour Rhys – at least according to Blogstorm, a figure they somehow managed to arrive at after analyzing rankings from Alexa and Technorati.

Which means that theoretically, Rhys’s blog – while full of good anecdotes, isn’t exactly brimming with unique content that’s applicable to the human populace – has beaten the likes of sex blogs Belle De Jour and girl with a one track mind, London blog Londonist, and technology commentary blogs and

Such a shame I’m cutting down on the number of publically-accessible funny anecdotes, just in case future generations (or more likely HR consultants) manage to find this blog. You’ll have to register and let me know if you want the better quality or more personal stuff…

Either way, congratulations Rhys! I walked past you once on Llandudno high street, y’know. (ahhh my brushes with web fame!)


  • The fact that your friend has cleverly boosted his Technorati rankings by offering a free downloadable Technorati Tag Generator script which links back to his site from every blog that uses it might be skewing the results somewhat. 🙂

  • Skew the results! My arse! People love and cherish me more than their own gran!

    And whilst sex sells, sexy Welshmen sell more.

    Oh and you probably walked past me too, day or night? Either way I was probably drunk 🙂

  • Actually, you were stone cold sober. Just lost in your own world 😉

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