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Old teenage hopes are alive at your door

Old teenage hopes are alive at your door

On a rather depressing Friday night, the new iPod Nano advert has reminded me of this cheerfully simplistic-to-epic pop song by Feist with an amazingly clever-but-simple video. But why is it cheering me up so much? Is it because:

– the cheerfulness and sheer “optimism” of the song, in a way that North American pop can do so well and British pop just can’t
– the sheer exuberance of dance, with me wishing I could move and dance and be part of all that?
– Feist looks attractive in a jumpsuit exposing her shoulders?

It’s such a shame that a video I once covertly enjoyed is now going to be endlessly played by Apple’s advertising campaign until it loses its sheen of loveliness.


  • Yes, but Feist is gaining a tremendous amount of recognition she deserves. Artists trying to make it big do so when they are featured in an Apple commercial or on Grey's Anatomy.

  • They totally stole their video style from OK GO. I love OK GO's videos. They are so funny and original.

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