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Qype: Rodizio Brazil in London

Qype: Rodizio Brazil in London

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If you like meat, this is the place to go, no question.

Within five minutes of having sat down on a loud and busy Friday night, I had no fewer than eight waiters swing by our table, offering us various cuts of freshly cooked meat from a large skewer and plonking it on top of the very substantial range of rice, veggies and other cheesy deliciousness (like cheese and brocolli, and shredded chicken lasagne).

I have no idea how everyone else managed lively chatter since our table was just silent except for approving ooohs and wahhhs with the delicious meaty goodness on offer.

Of all the meats on offer, I think the lamb was perfect, as was the rare juicy steak. The chicken and beef sausages (wrapped in bacon naturally) were a particular treat. It comes to something that I *had* to stop eating, but kept being tempted by more delicious cuts of meat that kept emerging.

If you want a meat coma to send you to sleep afterwards, this is the perfect place to indulge. I just want to go back!

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