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My first Saturday…

My first Saturday…

So I’m all moved in, surrounded by boxes and gradually trying to unpack.

But really, I couldn’t have chosen a better time to move in. My fellow new neighbours chose this weekend to set up the first social communal event – a barbecue. Thankfully the rain stayed away, and after a “Who’s brought the charcoals? Anyone got any cutlery?” moment, we all settled down to the essential part of getting to know each other.

My Dalek bottle-opener seemed to go down a storm, albeit marking me out immediately as a Doctor Who fan – something I was hoping to avoid revealing at such an early stage. But somehow, it seems to be a good thing to be a Doctor Who fan nowadays.

True to form (considering that most of my friends in London and Cardiff were gay), most of my new friendly neighbours were gay couples. Which should mean fun times ahead, albeit there’ll be more of those “this new friend of yours is lovely, friendly and gorgeous. Shame she’s a lesbian”-esque moments.

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