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Stumbling around Manchester…

Stumbling around Manchester…

So yesterday was my first day in my new job and my new flat. Not quite surrounded by boxes, I was gratified to get a phone call from zuzula, who invited me out for a drink. And said she was staying at the Palace Hotel.

After rushing into the shower and out again (top tip: NEVER run around when you have very wet feet on a laminated floor) I found myself standing at the Metrolink station, waiting for the next tram and trying to find this mysterious Palace Hotel.

Fortunately (!), as the Metrolink trams seem to come once a millennium, I had plenty of time to try and figure out where the Palace Hotel was. A Google Maps search revealed it was somewhere on Oxford Road, but didn’t give me much detail beyond that. So I was fretting that I’d be forever lost wandering up and down Oxford Road, trying to find this tiny Palace Hotel.

My nervousness wasn’t helped when the tram eventually arrived, I got on and it went a few stops before it ran into a shedload of Manchester United fans. Just my luck, my first night in Manchester and I have to fight against a hoarde of football fans dressed in red. Still, I can now dismiss what my football-savvy friends had asserted about there being no Manchester United fans in Manchester.

So I get off at St. Peters’ Square, and stumble down Oxford Road checking every other doorway for the Palace Hotel. I wish someone at Google had told me to look up – it’s only seemingly the biggest hotel in Manchester. With a ridiculously huge interior, very very grand.

It’s also very disconcerting after a few more drinks, when I have to navigate the huge labyrinth that makes up the hotel. Ever seen The Shining, and that steadicam shot of the little boy cycling around the hotel? That’s exactly how I felt!

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