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When did TVs get complicated?

When did TVs get complicated?

As far as I can remember, televisions have been remarkably simple things. You switch them on, you get a picture. You can change the channel, watch other stuff but a TV is as simple as it gets in terms of technology. Not any more it would seem.

When I switched it on earlier tonight during the England/Germany football match, my TV petulantly said it needed to download an upgrade. From what, I don’t know – does it have a secret wi-fi connection I don’t know about? Where does it get the data from?

More importantly, while it was downloading, it wouldn’t be able to show me a picture. Which is the raison d’etre of a TV, after all. A TV without a picture is a useless TV. You’d think it’d still be able to provide one whilst downloading data.

Still, ten minutes later, the update was done and … I’ve not seen anything different about the TV at all.

Wait till I’ve forumlated my opinions about the BT Vision box – but so far, it seems like an overtly complicated attempt to do a Freeview recorder. Plus it’s a lot slower than the Freeview decoder on my main TV.

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  • So right. My main television has also become more complex, with about 3 times as many connectors and variable power on sequences to get to things as straightforward as Sky.

    The days of switch it on and it works seem to have gone for TV and also for phones.


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