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Newcastle or Gateshead?

Newcastle or Gateshead?

Today was the start of my new job. So befitting a new job in Manchester, work sent me to a corporate meeting in … Gateshead. Except the rail ticket said Newcastle. Which was a bit confusing.

Either way, it’s certainly a very dramatic city. In my short but very confusing taxi journey (complete with Indian taxi driver with a very sing-song accent), I was surrounded by huge towers holding up huge bridges alongside a wide gushing river. If it wasn’t for the grey skies and near-permanent drizzle, it would have been a fabulous sight.

What wasn’t so fabulous was witnessing a road-rage incident between two very angry drivers from the North East. Shouting various sweary insults in front of a tiny girl who was just watching them in sheer amazement.

So endeth my first day at my new job.


  • NewcastleGateshead (as some people would have you say it) is indeed rather imposing. And, similar to Manchester, when it's slightly warm and there's a ray of sun in the sky instead of cold and wetness, it looks rather much cheerier (although the architecture and stone may look a little drab in places; definitely imposing and impressive.)

  • Adrian Sie

    Aye, we went for a concert at the Sage, Gateshead – otherwise known as the shiny slug on the other side of the river. You just walk across the (lovely) bridge and there you are. I had no idea either that Gateshead was just the south bank of Newcastle.

    Bit like the time I booked a car for a holiday in Venice… Didn't know they didn't have any roads…

    Had a great weekend in Newcastle, also going to the Baltic, eating good South Indian curry, staring wide-eyed at the festivities on a Saturday night.

  • To the best of my knowledge, Gateshead doesn't have a train station on a main line. In fact, the only one I ever used was the one at the Metro Centre and I don't even know if that station even exists any more!

    Hence you go to Newcastle and get a taxi or bus back south over the river…

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