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I'm NOT a Best Welsh Blog winner!

I'm NOT a Best Welsh Blog winner!

Somehow, I’ve managed to be the winner of the Best Media Blog and the Best Eclectic Blog in the Welsh Blog Awards.

However, given I only got 22 votes in the first category and 8 votes in the second category, I won’t be quitting my day job *just* yet.

But *sob sob* thank you all for voting. I’d like to thank my Agent, the Academy, my wonderful friends and family without whom none of this would be possible. I’m so grateful for all your support. Now I’m going to crack open the cocaine and party like it’s 1974!

False alarm! Alas, it appears that the pages I thought were the results of the vote were merely the results of the votes to decide which blogs go through to the final. Damn.


  • Wowsers, congratulations. The award site just oozes style, class and professionalism as a generically templated blogspot site. Just don't forget the little people will you? 😀

  • Sorry, just who are you?


  • And I voted for you forty times too!

  • Sorry, but you're not the winner. The polls were an elimination round, not a final vote. You have now been officially nominated for the categories you mentioned, nothing more.

  • Arcane Thrust

    Just don't mention that you had Lib Dems in west Wales voting for your blog to the chap that organised the contest.
    He'd be really upset. Really.

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