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Do you Web 2.x ?

Do you Web 2.x ?

Various blogging platformsJust curious, do any of you fine readers happen to use such Web 2.0 thingummies like Blogger, Vox, LiveJournal, Typepad, Facebook,, Twitter or Pownce?

Oh, and I have a few Pownce invites to give away if anyone wants them.


  • WordPress and Facebook – but are they "Web 2.x"?

  • I have no idea what Web 2.0 is. It worked, it still works, it doesn't really do anything new that it didn't before… At what point did the web start having version numbers anyway?

  • Blogger 2.0 for the grouch, WordPress 2.1.3 for lost luggage. Also flickr, librarything, facebook (reluctantly), google reader and Twitter was too unreliable for me.

    Web 2 is, essentially, a pouncey way of saying user-generated content and dynamic page generation. As compared to the static pages of HTML. Most Web 2.0 interfaces include the option of user-generated categorisation (tags, key words, labels) which goes by the extra-ponsey term "folksomy". There's also an element of additional mobility: content is generated and read on mobile phones, PDAs etc instead of via a PC or Mac.

  • Bit late (just checking out the competition for the blog awards!)

    Nireblog (I localised the Welsh version)
    Tagzania (ditto)
    Facebook (just in case it was worth it)
    BeenThere (Guardian travel)

    Shit, I need a life

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