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Doctor Who's attention deficit disorder

Doctor Who's attention deficit disorder

Well, well, well, if you happen to be a ye olde Doctor Who fan with a small sprinkling of self-diagnosed attention deficit disorder, then The Sound of Drums was right up your street. Goodness me, how many plot elements *and* flashbacks to the olde times can you get? How much manic acting can you get?

Spoilers lie within….

– The resolution to Utopia’s cliffhanger was a wee bit rushed to say the least – it was resolved so quickly and unsatisfactorily, it’s like giving every Whovian blue balls. Actually, that does seem to be a trait of RTD’s cliffhanger process – get a great cliffhanger going, and then resolve it really cheaply in ten seconds flat using a hitherto-unsignalled device or something.

– ok, I can buy The Master taking over the British government with nothing more than a winning smile and a hypnotic drumbeat (which I really must get as an MP3 download sometime). But why would he need to do that? (and to get rid of the entire Cabinet as well).

– Plus, even politicians must be clever enough to deduce that if someone’s wearing a gas mask, it might be a darn good idea to get one yourself if you can. Or get out of the room…

– Lovely idea to have the Doctor and his crew “on the run” from the police, and Martha’s family to be in chains for being enemies of the state. So why couldn’t we have had some kind of exciting chase scene before the Doctor waved away the problem with his sonic screwdriver?

– Martha Jones has been watching too much TV. Specifically, all the trite action movies where the heroine is determined to save her family no matter what the cost.

– It’s lovely for the fans, but did we really need to have it spelt out for us that the Master is a bit mad, as well as clever?

– if Torchwood is that clever and brilliant, how did they never spot an alien as Prime Minister?

– love the Toclafane. Whatever they’re doing, aside from decimating the population. Not too sure of the reasoning behind that.

– but at least it’s properly epic. For some reason, you really do get a sense of the scale and the drama, that the whole planet is under attack. A feeling you never got watching the Cybermen vs. Daleks last year.

– you knew it was coming, but having that “here it comes, the sound of drums” pop song over the attack on Earth was a bit much.

but you know what, I’ll be glued to my TV set next Saturday.


  • Would such a big fan of Dr Who as Mr Davies really kill the Master? Of course not. We may even see John Simm in that roll again.

    How? Easy! The Master, clever as he is, had a plan B, namely a DNA copy. "If things go awry" he told the missus, "then shoot me and use the DNA to grow me back again". The clues: all the references to the Doctor's hand, and the fact that his missus shot him (she only ever did what she was told)

    My prediction: John Simm returns as the master for the next finale.

  • Not to mention the fannish nature of the 'actual' finale – complete with nods to Return of the Jedi and Flash Gordon (1980)!

    And is it stating the obvious to say that the der-der-der-DUM der-der-der-DUM rhythm of the drum beat is the rhythm to the DW theme tune? I guess I expected at the end of the episode (or the end of the pre-credits sequence) a segue from drumbeat to theme music…

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