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Why do spammers and Egyptians want Chinese women?

Why do spammers and Egyptians want Chinese women?

As anyone who runs a blog knows, you tend to get a LOT of spam comments, which are luckily filtered out by most blogging systems. However, this particular one caught my eye today:

“the thing i like about asian women are those long flowing straight hair and those chinky eyes”

I really hope that’s not an excerpt from some poor chap’s dating profile, because I doubt he’s going to get much of a lookup. Imagine if your chat-up line was: “Ooooh I just love your chinky eyes”. That’d be pretty much the same as saying “Oooh I just love your nigger lips”.

(And yes, I thought about censoring the n-word from that sentence, but really, if I’m not going to censor the c-word, then I can’t then go and censor the n-word. Complicated racial politics that come into what was initially a simple blogpost about a spam comment. Oh dear.)

But then I wonder why Chinese women are so highly sought-after. Apparently, Egyptian men can now be added to the list of men around the world who want Chinese women. According to the article from Al Arabiya (which was also quoted in BBC News, but I can’t find the link now), Chinese women are prized for their “Obedience and loyalty”. I’ve got three sisters. None of them are particularly obedient, and I have the scars to prove it.

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  • deedee ramona

    It’s a fantasy of the perfectly obedient smiling woman who tends to your every need and never puts herself first. The difference in looks, skin colour etc make it easier to objection and is called exotification. These people gave never listened to a Chinese couple arguing…

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