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When seagulls attack…

When seagulls attack…

Moving back to a coastal town has seen the re-appearance of seagulls in my life, and their characteristic squawking. Normally the presence of more feathered creatures wouldn’t bother me one bit, except for the fact that these seagulls have no fear. And will not stop in their quest.

Twice now, they’ve divebombed me while I’m walking down the high street with a baguette in my hand, with the express intent of stealing my food. And always from behind so I have no idea what’s happening until it’s too late and I find myself with half a sandwich and passers-by looking at me as if to say “Are you mad for walking and eating down the high street?”. Not for nothing do I realise anyone who’s eating in the street is under cover of some kind.

And now a small flock of seagulls has taken nest next to the chimney in our house. On one hand, the hatching of three little seagulls is slightly cute. As are the stares of passers-by who walk past our window and look up on the roof, unaware that we can see them staring at the roof.

But the head of the seagull family seems to be of the opinion that he/she controls all the space around the chimney. Including the garage, and entrance to the house. So last night, when I tried entering the house, the seagull squwaked and swooped down heading for me – before pulling out about ten feet from my head. For some reason, I was feeling uncharacteristically silly, so I just stood there goading the seagull as it continually swooped, dive-bombed and then pulled out of the dive.

With next door’s cats using the front garden as a toilet and the seagulls using a chimney as a nursery, we may be in danger of being labelled the crazy cat/bird household soon. And none of them are even ours!

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