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Football, football, bloody football…

Football, football, bloody football…

In a meagre attempt to get fit, I have signed up to play football in a work-based five-a-side team.

Thus every Tuesday, you’ll be seeing me attempting to play football in a local park that faces the sea. This mostly involves:

– running around after the ball for the first five minutes, attempting to tackle players
– running out of breath after the first five minutes, and starting to wheeze
– mostly spending the next eighty minutes in a muted attempt to run after the ball and tackle players.

Still, I’m getting better. When I first started four weeks ago, I was wheezing after the first minute of play – and I have improved my stamina ever since. Although I usually do come home with my legs and thighs whining – and this has gotten worse today after yesterday’s five-a-side which was played in the pouring rain. The rain came down so hard I gave up trying to wipe my specs – especially since an ill-advised tackle meant the ball crashed into my face and knocked them off anyhow.

Ball contact is fortunately kept to a minimum, as the last time one of my team-mates passed me the ball, I managed to trip over it and fall helplessly to the ground. And you can forget about trying to score goals.

It is – oddly for me – an enjoyable experience “playing” football. I’m usually tired and weary going into the pitch, and tired and energetic heading out of the pitch. At least until I can slump on the sofa where I’ll try not to move for the next three hours waiting for my legs to slowly start wailing.

The other night though, I started daydreaming about playing Sim City 4 – complete with jazz music soundtrack – while in goal.

I don’t think it’s actually done my body any good playing football in terms of hard numbers – but I’m starting to see a little improvement in the waistline. Now if only it could aid my memory and attention-keeping skills!


  • Our staff team could beat your staff team 😉

    Seriously though good luck with it. The first thing I noticed was my stamina picking up, then my legs are beginning to get muscular. Whether I will win the 2010 world cup in South Africa for Wales is yet to be seen…

  • Sounds dangerous, wonderful electric.
    Be careful.

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