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If you haven’t seen Doctor Who: Utopia, then look away now… but OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!! That is one hell of a way to set up a season finale!!!!

I thought Utopia would just be an interesting stand-alone episode that brought back Captain Jack in anticipation for the season finale. How wrong I was.

I thought all the rumours were false about the return of (ye olde character). After all, will kids get it? Would it work? How wrong I was.

I thought you couldn’t possibly top last season’s finale. How wrong I was.

I love that sound of drums. Can I get it as an MP3 ?!

I’m still shaking.

Still a shame that Chan Do was a very stereotypical idea of what a Japanese-esque alien would be like…

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  • About time (ye olde character) came back. I missed the episode, but word gets round on the internet. When's the repeat?

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