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One thing to like about Safari

One thing to like about Safari

The technical blogs have all been reviewing the new beta of Safari (Apple’s answer to Firefox) that’s been released for Windows, and have mostly found it lacking, slow and dull. In other words, nobody can see a reason to use Safari as your main browser.

Except me, of course. Despite the fact I’m not a Mac lover, every time I’ve seen a website running on a Mac browser (mostly via Mark Boulton), I’ve always cooed over the font display, and just the way the website looks *crisper* on the monitor. And now I have it on my PC, should I want to use it.

I’ve got no real idea whether I just like the new look of font aliasing after 10+ years on a PC, or if it really does help to make websites look better in my eyes. But I’ll probably give it a test drive this weekend and see if the beta software can stand up to my heavy usage of the Internet. And whether I can cope without various extensions.

Mind you, I’ve yet to find a Mac user who does use Safari…


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