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A plumber or a Playstation 3?

A plumber or a Playstation 3?

My spacious one-bed flat in Shepherds Bush will soon be up for rent to a lucky individual or couple, so I thought it was high time that I arranged for a wee bit of maintenance on the place.

My sister (the current tenant) has been reporting that the shower doesn’t work any more, so I told her to sort out a plumber who’d sort the problem out.

For a non-CORGI plumber, in London, to come out and change the tap, shower connection wire and the shower head, the price comes to a grand total of Β£339 for five hours of work. I could have bought a Playstation 3 for that money!!!

Londoners, does that sound about right for a plumber?

Oh, and if you need to rent a spacious one-bed flat in Shepherds Bush, why not take a look at my flat? πŸ™‚


  • Spacious? You're having a laugh aren't you. The TVs right on top of the table. πŸ˜€

    Plumber – having spent the weekend moping up after a washing machine flood, don't leave it get worse. Serious, with all the games you got, do you really need another console? We're still getting good milage out of the PS2 here – and then it's for PS1 games…

  • For London, it's very spacious πŸ˜‰

    The plumber's already done the work – I'm just querying the bill. Seems absurdly high to me – but then I'm not a plumber in London!

  • For five hours work I'd say it's a bargain. My tenants reported a flickering light so I called an electrician. He charged £45 per half hour, but since it was just a loose connection I said to go ahead. He (allegedly) took 35 mins so by the time the final bill arrived + VAT, it was £111. For a FLICKERING LIGHT!

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