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I'm hot! And cool!

I'm hot! And cool!

Hot mainly because, well, it’s hot. Damn hot. Too damn hot. Right now it’s 23 C / 73 F outside, and it was even hotter and sunnier this weekend. And it’s not just mad dogs and Englishmen who stay out in the sun – for two consecutive weekend afternoons, we were out in the sun either in a pub garden or in our garden attempting a barbecue. Followed by a couple of hours indoors as we tried to rest our weary heads and fight a sun-induced headache. Thank Gawd for ice cubes. Now I see why Americans tend to drink everything with ice cubes in them.

Cool because according to this music chart using data from CBS/, my music tastes are only 24% mainstream, which must mean 76% cool. This does rather surprise me because I’d always assumed my music tastes were relatively mainstream and pedestrian – while not going to the extremes of buying Boyzone CDs though, I suppose.

Having said that, Kylie Minogue doesn’t exist according to the above chart, so perhaps there’s some work to do on it yet…

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