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two-thirds of the world don't like Bush

two-thirds of the world don't like Bush

BBC NEWS – Poll suggests world hostile to US

Strangely, some of my American Republican friends’ attitude to this can be summed up as “Who gives a stuff what they think?”. To quote one friend: “I’m an American. I like him. I don’t want to hear this.” Which *exactly* sums up the problem that American foreign policy has with the world.

Maybe there should be a webpage setup to convince the rest of the world that not all Americans like Dubya.


  • jamie

    Dude! Screw you! I didn't say it like that! And who made you the smartest person alive anyways… the one who can judge us allllll….

  • Who says it was you who said it ?! Besides, who said I was the smartest person alive? It's just an *opinion*. One shared by two-thirds of the world, apparently.

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