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On a spending spree…

On a spending spree…

For some reason, this bank holiday weekend I seem to have ended up on a bit of a spending spree. While in some ways this is a good thing – I haven’t bought a new book, DVD etc. in a while – this is also a very bad thing since with a wedding in Edinburgh to attend, and a London flat that’s going to drain me of a third of my monthly wage until I find a new tenant (and even then, I’ll have to declare income tax and yadda yadda on it) finances in the next few months are going to be a tad tight.

However, this hasn’t stopped me from buying:

– a Canon Powershot A570 IS – even though I already have a digital camera, but at least I get £50 cashback on it. Or maybe I should cancel my order. What do you think?
– a vacuum cleaner (joint purchase). Ignore what people say about Dysons – they’re not very good at retaining the dirt they suck up. Or maybe it’ll teach me not to buy electronic equipment from eBay.
– The Science of Doctor Who book. Because obviously there’s always room for a populist book on science or Doctor Who
– The Truman Show Special Edition DVD – because I just needed to add more DVDs to my collection that I’ll never get round to watching.
– Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King Special Features – well, it was only £1
– Doctor Who Magazine – well, it’s a must-have purchase
– Wired Magazine – so I can at least voyeur over the geek lifestyle
– A book from James May – because I need yet another bitty anecdotey but entertaingly-written book from a Top Gear journalist.
– A League of Gentlemen “Hello Dave” T-shirt. Even though I don’t know anyone called Dave.

Binge consumerism. It’s the new black.


  • Dysons are brilliant. If it's second-hand, make sure you give the filter a good scrub. If it's from eBay, make sure it *has* a filter.

  • My Dyson was a "reconditioned catalogue return" one. That is, it was shit. Cheap, but shit.

    And no, you don't need more DVDs. Not when you have my entire collection to work your way through. Although you've had them for over a year now.

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