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Silly places to have spotted Madeleine McCann appeals

Silly places to have spotted Madeleine McCann appeals

  • Jessops online – as if someone spots her while shopping for a camera on the INTERNET. What, Madeleine is going to be lurking in a cybercafe somewhere?
  • Tesco UK – if someone has kidnapped her, then they’re hardly likely to bring her back to her home country, let alone take her to the local supermarket.
  • Manchester Airport immigration – if she’s on the same flight or trying to get into the country, you’d think immigration staff would have been properly briefed by now
  • – because Madeleine would be the kind of person to want to increase her blog viewership, of course.
  • Nationwide – just in case she pops in to make a deposit to her bank account while you’re there
  • On the BBC’s Crimewatch – if whoever took Madeleine brought her back to the UK to the heart of the media storm surrounding her, said person has got to be a total idiot as well as weirdo and general pervert.
  • And what, pray tell, was the point for the publicity surrounding the McCann’s visit to the Pope?

And yet, your average phone-in on a radio show on this topic has people calling in demanding that her picture be splashed across every newspaper every day until they find her. Guess I’m out of touch with society.


  • The adverts aren't expecting you to see her sat next to you. How many people might be coming back from abroad and into Manchester Airport? Or be shopping for a camera before going on holiday? Etc etc.

  • I have been in portugal for 6 hours, and I have never seen her once….yet.

    It is just a bit silly.

  • Another reason I think for the glut within the UK is that such exposure is nowhere near as widespread on the continent. Which is a shame as that's more likely where it would make a bigger difference.

  • What Mosh says, but it is becoming a bit like the corporate sponsorship of a kidnapping.

  • you are sick people wat if it was a young child in your family??????????????????? wat would you want people to do ignore that a BRITISH girl of 4 is missing!!!!!!!!!! SICK THATS WAT YOU ARE. at least people have good will and try and help.

  • Thanks, Jen. Nice to know that a missing BRITISH child is more important than all the Vietnamese, Cambodian etc children who are sold into slavery every year with nobody to even care about them going missing. I work with a charity that tries to rescue these kids so stick your opinion of me up your prim little arse and fuck off. Andy, apologies for my language but this muppet who can't even spell is definitely one of the Sun-reading hordes who needs to look at the rest of the world.

  • sarah

    All children are important but the way your comments are coming across is as though a british child is not as important! I am sure now is not the time to take the moral highground and i'm almost positive none of you have children yourself.My daughter is the same age as Madeline and my blood runs cold everytime i think about the poor girl and her parents. I was sure to double check my spelling for you Mosh. Apologies if there are any errors but we're not all perfect.

  • Sarah, my main gripe with Jen's reply was her obvious emphasis (i.e. capitalisation) of the word "BRITISH". This seemed, to me, to be the main thrust of her argument as to why the world should be going mad about Madelaine. Not that she's some poor little girl torn from her family, or that they themselves must be horrendously afflicted by what's happened. The fact is – as you rightly said – she's as important as every child on this planet. That she's British shouldn't be here nor there.
    You're right in that I don't have kids. I want them, believe me – more than most of my old schoolmates all of whom seem to have beaten me to parenthood. I do, however, have a little cousin who I would lay my life down for. She was six this month so not that far away agewise. If anyone so much as laid a badly-intended finger on her I would gladly beat the living crap out of them and go to jail for it (which sums up how screwed our justice system is, but that's another conversation).
    I wholeheartedly agree that everything should be done to find Madelaine, but why is she plastered all over the place at the possible expense of countless other children? It just creams of papers trying to sell copy and not really caring about the families involved.
    Apologies for any mistypes, but I'm using a French keyboard and they're *far* from perfect…

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