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Helicopters and policemen oh my!

Helicopters and policemen oh my!

Russell T. Davies once commented that the excitement of Doctor Who came from seeing extraordinary things in ordinary places. I don’t know whether police cars, ambulances and a helicopter count, but it raised a little excitement around here.

We were nipping out to get some bread for the evening (well, I’d have rather carried on building my fictional Llandudno in Sim City 4 but I guess city-building has to take a break every now and again!) when we noticed a police car driving past. Swiftly followed by an ambulance, and another police car. Oddly, all without their sirens blaring.

When we got to the local park that we cut through to get into town, three policemen walked past us from all directions, and asked us if we’d seen a man with a badly injured arm. Alas, we hadn’t, so went on our way.

But it wasn’t long till more police cars ran past us, and when we got to the open field, we could see a few policemen dotted around the landscape peering into gardens and hedges. Then when we left the field, we could see a helicopter heading towards us – and soon enough, it was hovering directly over us and the park. People in the houses surrounding the park were looking around the window looking for the helicopter.

As we left the park and headed into town, we could still see policemen and the helicopter down every other side street, looking for a badly injured man. As yer do. But no word as yet as to who or what they were looking for, and why.

And why on earth their sirens weren’t going off – thus removing half the fun of stalking policemen. It’s one of the things I miss about living in a city, oddly. The occasional sound of sirens reminding you that there’s excitement, intrigue, crime and quite possibly murder happening somewhere down the road. Then again, I once managed to sleep through an IRA bomb going off 4 miles away.

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