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Is there anyone who doesn't know who Luke's father is?

Is there anyone who doesn't know who Luke's father is?

You would have thought that after 30 years, finding people who had never seen Star Wars would be nigh on impossible. Especially people who ostensibly worked in the media.

But no, it’s not impossible. The BBC’s entertainment reporter Kevin Young claims to have never seen Star Wars – or any science-fiction save The X-Files, for that matter. This I find a tad impossible!

Surely if you have even an inkling of an interest in entertainment or pop culture, then you must at least have an inkling of science-fiction and what it is. And surely in thirty years Star Wars cannot have completely passed you by. That would be impossible. I submit, sirrah, that the BBC has lied to us!

But more importantly, the BBC sits him down to watch Star Wars for the very first time (awooo… awooo….). And some of the quotes he comes out with while watching Star Wars must mean that he’s completely being ironic and taking the piss. Such as:

“Luke seems quite taken by this holographic vision in blue and wants to know more about her. I have a sneaking suspicion that they might end up as this film’s golden couple, but there’s still an hour and 38 minutes to go yet.”

“It’s a light-saber. It looks cool. I wonder how it works, though – does its laser burn enemy combatants or does it shoot some kind of fatal beam?”

“Important plot twist here, I predict – Darth killed Luke’s dad.”

There is just no way one can be an entertainment reporter and not have picked up on what a light sabre does, and who Luke’s father is. It’s just impossible, surely?


  • I'd like to take him for a drink wearing this t-shirt.

    Seriously, I want him to watch the rest. For his sanity.

  • I was absolutely astonished when a couple of years ago when they released one of the other films, listening to one of the DJ's on a local radio station saying, "I'm surprised they are relasing it on May 8th (or whatever the date was) and not May the 4th." The female side kick was deadly serious when replying, "Why?" and even 10 minutes later hadn't figured it out.

    I switched the radio off then.

    My fault for listening to local radio I suppose.

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