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Fed up of the McCann story

Fed up of the McCann story

I know it’s a peculiarly British thing for manufactured grief and concern to take up news headlines for no good reason whatsoever, but … really, we’ve had three weeks of no-news on Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, and not only is it still in UK news headlines everywhere, people are now resorting to donating to a website and having a minute’s silence to keep her disappearance on the news agenda. Even a new Prime Minister hasn’t shifted her off the news agenda.

For what good reason, I ask? Is it helping anyone? All this news coverage and posters everywhere hasn’t helped so far. When I went through Manchester Airport immigration, there was a poster there asking if anyone had seen Madeline. As if anyone who flies through Manchester Airport is likely have spotted a blonde child running down some street somewhere and thought “oooh, that’s Madeline”. How will the fund help to find a missing child? All it’ll do is pay for more media manipulators to keep the story alive in the European press, and presumably allow the McCanns to take some time off to stay in Portugal and stay in the hunt. But it’s not as if they’re going to find anything now.

In the meantime, important news stories just don’t get the same attention. More strife in the Middle East. 462 children go missing in the UK in the last 12 days. Where’s their parade, constant media coverage, a minute’s silence and monetary fund?

Why is Madeline McCann any more important than those 462 kids? What gives her family near-constant-access to the media 24-7? They left her alone in the bedroom while they went for a meal (admittedly just across the road and with their two other children), for goodness’ sake.

It probably helps enormously that she’s white, blonde-haired and reasonably photogenic, and from a middle-class background. I look forward to the same amount of insane media coverage for the next time a British kid goes missing, who happens to be Asian, or black-haired.

And yet, raise concerns like this on BBC News, and you’ll get comments from phony worried folk accusing others of not caring, being heartless, what could be more important than missing children etc.? Fine, I look forward to BBC Missing Children 24, adults donating their worldly goods to help other missing children around the world, and perhaps to save children from being fired upon in Iraq, Israel, Palestine and other places.


  • "462 children go missing in the UK in the last 12 days. Where’s their parade, constant media coverage, a minute’s silence and monetary fund?"

    You quote that number as if the circumstances are the same. Most children who go 'missing' aren't missing at all. They've just wandered off to a friend's house or somewhere and neglected to tell anybody. Even the majority of the small number who are genuinely missing turn up within days. I ran away from home myself when I was teenager. The number of children abducted each week is so small as to not actually register most weeks. The number of three-year olds abducted is even smaller.

  • Whilst I agree with what Dan says, I am too getting a bit tired of it. There comes a point whereby media can turn on you, not least the British public (Iranian captive soldiers anybody?). Whilst it is a tragedy, and it is a hard time for the parents, it is just one girl (a pretty little white girl), who has probably been abducted (I said probably. The area has one of the worst undercurrants in the world.

    Something about it is a bit fishy, I can't quite put my finger on it, but as you said, it is getting rather tiresome.

    Thank god for the Cutty Sark, I say!

  • MS. Jane Robinson


  • Julian Conway

    100% agree with what you are saying. It makes me sick that while thousands of people are being murdered, raped and dieing of starvation we must concentrate on a story about one girl. Yes, addmitidly it is trajic and I grieve with the parents, but, there are other things happening and the Portugese police cant go on looking forever.

    Secondly, it sickens me that the media have reported that all the attention that the McCann family have been getting may be making the situation worse. Well its your bloody fault journalists, because you're the ones reporting it, so dont claim its the fault of media getting involved, when you ARE the media.

  • Tamsin

    I'll tell you why Madeline is so important…because she's their little girl and if any of you self centered 'oh this is so boring' people had kids then you would know how important it is. They love their little girl and i love my son, and its important to me cause that could have been anyone on holiday with their kids. Yes, they left her in the room, but hang on….they were in a resort that is sold to parents as a safe place to go for dinner when your kids sleep and they were checking their kids every 20 minutes, which is a lot more than what alot of parents do. The babysitting service is aimed at parents who want to go off site. And the rights or wrongs of it don't really matter at this stage, they were just a normal family on holiday. You don't get a handbook when you get a kid, and they made a decision that they will never recover from, even if she is found. As a parent i learnt quick that sometimes you stuff up, you just try not to.

    Oh, and they are getting alot of publicity cause most honest parents can understand that they maybe got too comfortable within the resort and with the whole being on holiday atmosphere.

    It SICKENS me when ignorant, judgemental people feel they have the right to critise and knock down a family already going through the worst experience possible

  • I agree too – yes, it is tragic that it happened, and I feel sympathy for the parents, but I can't help feeling that if they hadn't left their kids alone… no matter how close the restaurant was, they should not have gone out. Or they should have got a babysitter.

    But then, they don't need me to tell them that, they've got to live with that for the rest of their lives.

    And I don't get this 'donate to the fund' bollocks either. Give to the NSPCC if you must.

  • suzanne molloy

    Why haven't the McGann's sold their house, exhausted any of their own funds in their efforts to trace their daughter. It seems so wrong that many other children and adults are missing and equally loved by their families and yet they are not getting any media attention. What will the funds actually be spent on. If that was my child I would sleep on the beach if necessary and give up my home and all my possessions before relying on public generosity.

  • According to the restaurant's staff where they were having dinner, the McGann’s never left their table to check on the girl.

  • bagpuss

    Madeline is so important because she is a child. Instead of your nasty comments about the parents, why don't you vent your anger against the sicko who snatched her. Maybe Madeline's story will help people be more aware that these weirdo's are everywhere. Until Madeline went missing I wasn't aware that so many children go missing, but now I am. More action needs to be taken against these weirdo's who snatch and abuse children. Personally instead of imprisoning them with other inmates – with the same interests I think they should have a letter P burned onto their foreheads and castrated and they should be either handed over to the childs family to with what they wish ( I know what I'd do), or put into a womens prison – I'm sure they'd get their just deserts in there. However, unfortunately, they are allowed to wander our streets mascarading as 'normal' people. Children should be allowed to play outside,but they can't because of the constant fear of abduction. Why should the children suffer, these weirdo's should be off our streets and if that means bringing back hanging then so be it. I think Maddies parents are doing a wonderful job, nobody can say that they are not doing everything possible to get their little girl back. The fact that they have a 'fund' shows how other people want to help them, and good luck to them, at least they have the money now to fund the publicity and private detectives. Hopefully they will use some of it on a hit man when they find out who snatched their daughter and that will be one less weirdo to worry about!

  • bagpuss

    So you expect them with their two young twins to all be homeless, when members of the public have donated money for them to use specifically to find Madeline!! I have donated to their fund, as I am sure you can imagine that they are both unable to work, they will still have bills to pay etc, and need to find money to finance the publicity and travel etc, they have said that any money left over will be used for other missing children, they are not making a profit on this and I am sure they are not enjoying their 'world tour' mainly because of the reason behind it all. Whatever has happened to human compassion? I suppose you would like us all to turn a blind eye and get on with our own lives no matter what is happening around us. Until it is your child! They what would you do! Nobody should ever be put in the Mccanns position – ever. Anyway, if you havent donated to the fund why should you give a toss?

  • Indeed the constant media coverage of this is now getting rather 'too much' and by that I mean the angle of the coverage. As a parent myself I feel angered that the McCann's could even contemplate leaving such young children on their own and in a foreign country in the first place. How about the media cover that angle of the story instead?

  • about 30,000 kids around the world die from starvation every day. how many more are abducted and used as child soldiers, raped, forced/sold into the sex industry or wahtever else.

    how much media coverage have they had over the last few weeks?

    yes, it must be awful for the McCann family, but theres other stuff goin on that needs to be higer up the media's reporting agenda.

  • Totally agree! I feel the Media coverage has passed it's sell-by date too. It was even on 'Crimewatch' last week! I actually switched channel while they were yet again covering the story; that's how repetitive it's becoming. Now the News Coverage is becoming idle nonsense. This morning I read that the McCann parents are being accused of arranging their daughter's disappearance! Although, in a way I feel they are responsible; they did leave their young children unattended in a foreign country. I don't even leave my dogs unattended anywhere except my own home, incase they are stolen, never mind my son! It makes no difference if they didn't go far; it makes no difference if they checked on their children regularly. It does not excuse their lack of responsibility as parents to protect their children at all times. As much as I feel for the McCann parents now, they did play a MASSIVE part in Madeline's disappearance in that regard. I don't believe the funds will do any good either … I'd sooner contribute to children in developing countries getting access to clean water which isn't filled with parasites, than pay for the McCann parents to visit the Pope again.

  • nerys

    I gather that the person who wrote this shit hasn't got children himself!!! You should be ashamed of yourself I agree they shouldn't have left there children while they eat out, but that will live with them for the rest of their lives.

    Have some respect

  • You sad people. She is a little girl. is she hurt, crying, in the dark. Do not judge her parents unless you a perfect. if i lost my daughter i would do anything in my power to get her back just like they are. Well said NERYS they will always blame themselfes but what a price to pay ah. God bless the parents and who ever has this little girl bring her back NOW she needs her family and as for the rest of u arse holes stop posting shit and do something to help….

  • sandie

    im not sure if thr police have looked in he right places for there any evidence to say that all 3 children were put to bed that night? are there any witnesses to prove that? maybe dad took maddy for a walk while mom bathed the other 2 and she had a tragic accident over a cliff,into the sea never to be seen again.Then because of who and what they are they came up with a great story after putting 2 children to bed that she has been abducted. gerry has no feelings when you look at him he seems to be very smarmy and body language shows he could be a guilty for thought ? lets investigate their movements before the childrens bed time. Now its just a circus,jetting round the world in private jets.GET BACK HOME TO THE CHILDREN WHO NEED YOU.thats what i say.

  • I agree with the above. for starters i wouldnt let my other two children out of my site like they are leaving theres with the kids club.This investigation is turning into some kind of reality show… we dont want to know who the parents are meeting… i want to know whos being investigated. I feel for the parents so much and i would hate to be in their position right now. It must be torture however the parents dont seem to be as upset looking as i thought they would… and they seem to be finding it easy to stick to a daily routine. How? Gos knows how. If my child had been abducted i would be running the streets shouting her name all night and day. Personally i think shes gone now and we will never find her..harsh but could be true.

    Also i find them making a bigger deal out of this poor little girl going missing a bit unfair on others that have gone missing, raped, murderd.. the list goes on.. the media dont seem to make much of a big deal out of them. Im not saying that madeline going missing isnt a big deal, what im saying is that everytime someone goes missing etc its a big deal also, so why not make the big deal out of them too? i find that hard to understand.

    I think theres something that isnt being investigated such as the parents, i think they have something to do with it… who says they couldnt have accidently lost her or something? They probably have nannys constantly at home caring for these children whilst the parents are at work.. so this could mean they dont really know how to act as responsible parents.. who leaves their three children alone in a foreighn country in a apartment whilst you go for a drink or two? Personally to me that shows bad parenting. If others dont feel the same way then fine… shows how much of a parent you are ! Hand on heart i can honestly say i have never left mine alone on their own at a young age in England let alone a foreighn country.

    Its dispicable.! 🙂



  • How easy it must be for you lot to make such comments mmmmmmm What is it like to be so perfect. Its easy to say that they should be acting differant, using other peoples money to fund there search. I know, lets make them homeless take everything else away from them, all the people who have donated money are all wrong.. YOU SAD LOT OF PEOPLE. People are trying to help. Yes they are consultants, but dohhhh they must of worked hard to get were they are. Get a life, if people are pissed off about it then they should keep there shit comments to themselfs. You suppose you would like help if your daughter was to go missing.. thats strange OF COURSE YOU BLOODY WOULD EXCEPT HELP. but thank god you are not needing that help cos people like you have no heart . Take time to think about what comments you post before you do it. Watch a soap on telly instead cos you life in a plastic world Think what is going through those poor peoples heads what is going on in the littles girls head then leave your comment.

  • ALSO Sara you state WHY THE HELL ARE WE PAYING FOR THE PARENTS TO FLY TO PLACES, mm i bet you have not given a single penny.

  • J's Mum

    I know your remark was address to Sara, but I'll readily admit that I haven't contributed to Madeline's parents' tour, and visits to the Pope. If I had done, I'd feel cheated now, wondering if my contribution merely went on paying for the hotel her parents were staying at in Rome. Instead, I contribute to children in developing countries getting access to clean water which isn't filled with parasites. No money should be going to Madeline's parents, which it clearly is! It should be solely going on the investigation of which little is being revealed. All we hear about are how Madeline's parents are, or what they are up to. That is irrelevant! It is where Madeline is that the investigation should be concerned about. I also believe there is something fishy about the situation with her parents, who did, regardless of what anyone says act irresponsibly in leaving 3 young children unattended in a foreign country. That's child neglect! You do not need to be 'perfect' parents to know NEVER to do that. The victim in this is Madeline, not her irresponsible parents, whose behaviour is extraordinary. I would be out in the streets screaming her name, and keeping my other children close to me at all times if my child went missing. What good is going to Rome to get the Pope to bless her picture going to do? Does it really need Madeline's parents to go to Rome in order to get it blessed anyway?

  • J's Mum

    Noone accused the McCann parents of not being 'perfect', but leaving your young children unattended in a foreign country is child neglect. Indeed it is irresponsible and darn right shocking parenting to leave children unattended ANYWHERE. My sympathies lie solely with Madeline, not with her parents who's actions allowed this to happen, and whose current behaviour, jetting off to Rome to get the Pope to bless Madeline's photograph (as if that is necessary!) is questionable.

  • Tina i think your being plane rude about this, these are my views and im stating them like you are.. i dont agree with your views but i am not being rude towards yours. I agree with J's mom totally… my point is tina that them parents have money to pay for themselves.. and no ill honestly say i havent contributed but i dont think its justified enough that others should.. and yes i have a heart, i contribute to many charities and share my wealth.. but why should i share my wealth with two people who have more money than me? i should be sharing my wealth with those who have no clean water like j's mom said. I feel for the family.. but they shouldnt have left their children unattended. These are my views tina so dont be disrespectfull towards them as i am not being towards yours . thanks

  • I am going to weigh-in with a contribution.

    I am squarely in the "irresponsible parenting" camp. Of course the parents were irresponsible! It doesn't matter where you are, you DO NOT leave young children unattended. The kids may as well have been 5000 miles away for all the good their parents were. I am a parent and I can honestly say that I NEVER left my kids unattended anywhere when they were very young. I simply didn't go out if I could not get a reliable childminder. True, it put a crimp on my social life, but I accepted that as part of being a parent. Now that my kids are old enough to be left, I can resume a social life. A small price to pay for their safety. In my opinion, the McCanns should actually be facing prosecution for child neglect.

  • Rachel

    I was talking about this with my Mum the other day and we both agreed that all this media attention is actually de-sensitising the subject, much in the same way as the 911 situation. We all saw the images of the planes flying into the two towers hundreds of times and eventually it lost it's shock factor. I'm starting to feel the same way about this poor little girl going missing. It's media saturation. And I believe that a lot of people have been signing an online petition requesting that the parents are investigated by Social Services. I'm sure if these parents were from a different background this would have happened already.

  • J's Mum

    I agree! I'm 28-weeks-pregnant with my first son, and I couldn't imagine leaving him alone without a responsible adult present at ALL times after he's born. Put it this way. If Madeline and her siblings had been left alone for any length of time while home in the UK, they'd have social services come down on their parents like bricks, and taking their children away. Goodness knows how many times those poor children have been left on their own before? And yet! When their irresponsible behaviour leads to their young daughter being abducted, everyone starts throwing money and sympathy at them!

  • Rachel

    The problem is that when any of us express concern about the fact that these children were left alone we're told that we're being unreasonable and that the parents are suffering enough without this so-called criticism. The parents wouldn't be going through any of this if they hadn't left these poor children alone. The only person that deserves our pity is poor Madeleine because who knows what she's going through and through absolutely no fault of hers. The poor little mite.

  • Katie

    I think its ridiculous, i went to africa in october with my mum, step sister, step dad, boyfriend and my niece who is the most important person to me in the whole world,i am 22 and not once did we ever even consider saying 'oh why dont we go out for dinner tonight, just the four of us and we will leave the girls in the apartment'. It is inexcusable and i dont believe that lots of people do it, it would be bad enough at home never mind in a foreign country in a hotel where lets face it you are loathed to even leave your camera in, considering security is not high priority. A little girl is missing and that is horrendous but lots of people are missing, as i speak someone will be the victim of horrendous violence, most likely a child in their own home, where is the help for these children? Why doesnt wayne rooney or j k rowling donate millions to childline, the company that cant afford to answer all the calls of terrified and battered children. Of course people should help but in a world where so many suffer i think people should focus on the bigger issues such as abuse, rape and poverty. My cousin was murdered, stabbed 48 times by her boyfriend and the press made her out to be the villain because she dumped him and moved on to someone else, why are the mccanns ready for sainthood? The parents who leave their child in the car and come back to see they have suffocated dont get that treatment they get done for manslaughter.

  • Clearly the author of this piece does not have his own children. As a parent I can not imagine the heartache the McCann family are suffering. Yes there has been a lot of coverage, but if these intelligent people have found a way to keep this in the press, then good on them. Yes, there are many other issues in this world that we should concern ourselves with, but for the McCann family this is their own way of finding her and drawing attention to the fact. Please show some compassion.

  • Do you all think that the coverage would have been the same if this had been a one parent family?

    I cannot say that I am a perfect parent because I do not think there is such a thing. I think that these parents had done this on more than one occasion and are lucky to have the twins still with them.

    Madeline is the innocent victim of a foolish act by her parents. Even if she returns to them she will not be the same little girl. Unfortunately the damage will be long lasting and irreversible, will she ever forgive her parents???

    Also those twins need their parents love and attention and to know that they are just as important as their big sister.

    I don't know how I would feel probably ashamed of what I'd done and would not want the media coverage let alone the publics money. As I said at the beginnig if it was a one parent family who had a lw paid job would everyone be giving so freely of their cash???? Think about it.

  • i had my 1st child when i was 17 and another at 18 and again at 21 while my friends were out avin a good time and not once would i have ever dreamed of leavin them alone or even with someone who is not a trusted family member. i have taken my children to foriegn places and chose to eat with my kids and go to bed when they do. as sad as this may be thats what bein a parent is. i dare bet that the mccanns would not have left a £350 vid cam lyein around for fear that it may get taken and as for child friendly resort theres no such thingas the kind of people that take kids would make for these places

  • brian

    it is sad that this cute little blond haired white girl went missing but there are more sad issues than this. I AM FUCKING SICK OF THE NEWS MAKING A HUGE ASS DEAL OF WHITE GIRLS BEING KILLED OR GOING MISSING. I was watching the news this morning and a black lady in the ghetto died and they just said "A woman was found dead in her home" and then they moved on to a story of a BLOND HAIRED WHITE GIRL who went missing (it wasn't madeline) and they show pictures of her and everything else. Well as u can see, nobody gets the same amount of attention, it just happens that white females get more (like lacy peterson, they made a fucking movie about her) and the news is bullshit

  • i don,t know about you but i do feel the parants are acting very strainge going on a europe tour if it was my child i would not leave the cuntry she had been taken from and would not be able to speakabout her without breaking down every time instead they are in frunt of cameras seeing the pope what can he do for the little girl that would have been the last thingon my mind going to see hi and im catholic i think they should be looked at more closely

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you completely. I'm in the states and I can't stand crap like this.

    Some white girl goes missing and the world stands still. Meanwhile 15 black kids are missing and no one bats an eye.

    A firefighter dies and we all cry a little. One million people in Africa die and the news doesn't even take notice.

    All men are created equal my ass.

  • Jim Mc

    You uncaring ignorant bastard. Let me tell you something pal, people aren't concerned because she is pretty and white, it's because she is a little girl who is missing from her parents and siblings. I take my hat off to the McCanns for the effort that they have put in. Do you honestly think that they want the coverage or just because they love their daughter. I'd love to meet you. I really would

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