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Dunno much about geology…

Dunno much about geology…

For the last three days, my work has taken me to a three day course on geology for non-geologists. Specifically on how the search for oil is conducted.

While some of it was quite interesting in a science-y geeky sort of way, most of the time my head was veritably lost in the clouds while my body slumbered, shook and occasionally slumbered. And not in any subtle way.

Apparently I’d be rolling around on my chair at the back of the room, my head lolling up and down and my leg shaking while the lecturer tried to ignore me. And then I’d snort, wake myself up and try to get myself paying attention to the study of sedimentary rocks. Today, I was doing this within 15 minutes of arriving at the lecturer room – despite having had a good night’s sleep.

The great thing about being an adult is that of course the lecturer couldn’t tell me off for (quite rightly) snoring through his lessons. Although this isn’t the first time – I’ve apparently also snorted and slept through BBC Web Editorial meetings, and drawing lessons. Which is a shame, because I’d have learnt how to draw properly.

The upshot of which is that I’ve self-diagnosed myself as having a wee bit of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Which is most annoying since I can’t seem to concentrate on anything – so any hopes of going to university to better myself will probably have to go out the window. Unless they can present all lectures in a dark cinema in a narrative film-based format – because I’ve never fallen asleep in a cinema. Well, aside from an IMAX screen in 1994…


  • Oh the entertainment you gave us all back in the day. We had so much fun pointing at you and smirking. Then there were the times you fell asleep in meetings as well… šŸ˜‰

  • Try investing in oil companies. It makes geology so much more interesting šŸ˜‰

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