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BBC quotes from blogs galore!

BBC quotes from blogs galore!

The formerly-stuffy-old BBC have done something I never thought I’d see them on most nights, let alone election night. They’ve started quoting from the blogosphere.

Not content with having two chief bloggers working away behind the scenes, they’ve interviewed them on camera, and reported rumours from the rest of the blogosphere. Which certainly makes a nice change from the 2005 General Election coverage. They even had Huw Edwards “commenting” back on a couple of the comments pointed at him.

So either the BBC have truly embraced user-generated content and blogging, or they had some air time to fill while waiting for results to come in.

Still, it makes a nice change from having to see some of the god-awful websites that represent the Welsh political scene at the moment. I never thought I’d see an Assembly Member using Myspace – but then again, I suppose it’s better than the Aberconwy Labour Party not having updated their website since nominations closed – and not having had time to even look at it on a PC before publishing it.

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  • Erm, doesn't the Guardian already do that, in print, every day? Auntie is a little slow on the uptake bless her.

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