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Can Canon cultivate my cameraphoto collection?

Can Canon cultivate my cameraphoto collection?

I’ve had my old trusty Canon Powershot G40 for a good few years, ever since I bought one for about £300 using some e-commerce earnings back in November 2002. It’s stood me in good stead over the last five years, but the holes are beginning to show – it’s slow to start-up, and most of the buttons don’t work these days so it’s hard to adjust any of the settings.

Technology, of course, moves on and now thanks to a £60 Canon cashback offer available this weekend, I’m severely tempted to get a new Canon camera. Although if you happen to be a camera expert, I’d love to hear your recommendations for a new Canon camera out of the ones available – and, whether you could answer any of the following questions:

– How useful is image stabilization?
– How useful is a ten-megapixel image? Is that just a ridiculous figure for the sake of it?
– I’ve already got a Nokia N73 camera with a three-megapixel camera which seems to do for most daily shots. Do I really need a new camera? Am I just better off saving up for the next rainy day instead?


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