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Just throw me into a hospital until the summer's over

Just throw me into a hospital until the summer's over

I think I’m coming down with a serious case of male hyperchrondiac syndrome (MHS). To whit:

Sunday: Develop a bit of a headache from walking along Llandudno in the afternoon, necessitating a three-hour nap

Monday: After spending a lovely evening in a friend’s luxury cottage relaxing, drinking wine/beer and discussing eBay tactics, I am ridiculously tired when we stumble in at the incredibly late hour of 10pm, and pretty much head to bed.

Tuesday: After spending the day at work in the basement, I have a sore neck. I can’t move the darn thing. And I was supposed to be playing football tonight.

I wonder what other part of my body will give up tomorrow…

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  • I hate to have to tell you this but it's age. When you're a teenager you're like an MS-DOS command line, you think you can do anything if only you can work out how. When you're in you're twenties, you're like Windows 95 – you think you're amazing to look at but you crash a lot and suffer resource problems. When you're in you're early thirties, you're like XP, increasingly complex, slower, with lots of security problems. As you're body upgrades you towards forty, you become like Vista – even slower, bloated and no-one will use you any more. Face it, we're becoming unmaintainable and bits of us will increasingly fail. The trick is, like Microsoft, to make sure that people have no choice but to put up with us – and in those times you're so crap that you aren't good for anything – fake it or convince people it's a feature.

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