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How to be green about the green?

How to be green about the green?

The descent into cute domesticity continued when we spent the weekend mostly tending to our front garden and back yard. Which involved attempting to turn our front-jungle-and-cat-poop-littertray into a lawn with just a lawnmower and some garden shears.

This met with limited success in that we can actually see our lawn. Plus all the little holes that the cats dug in an attempt to hide their poo.

So can anyone suggest an environmentally-friendly and pet-friendly way to:
– dissuade next door’s cat menagerie from using the lawn as a toilet?
– encourage the green green grass of home to grow?

In other news, sunshine doesn’t seem to agree with me. After spending Saturday tending to the garden and Sunday walking down the best prom of 2005, as the sign to Llandudno Prom proudly proclaims (hint: it’s not that good), I got quite a big headache and ended up lying down for the best part of three hours.


  • An Uncle of mine had a similar problem. He used:
    which is basically Lion Poo! Big cats scare smaller cats, apparently.
    Not sure whether it's helpful – but it's Eco friendly!

  • You could try a shot gun…

    There is something I saw in one of the free mail shots that comes through the door, that is a motion detector which you fit on to a hose. When a cat comes in it get blasted with water..

  • Sheff

    Cats are evil. Neighbours who own cats and let them shit on, and dig holes in, your lawn, are evil. Warn the neighbours that if there is any more of this behaviour the cats are getting acquainted with a bag of bricks and the local river and then see what happens.

  • Classic anti-cat solution: get a dog.

    As for the grass, a combination of some back-breaking manual labour with a gardening fork to make some more (smaller) holes, some fresh grass seed and a scattering of lawn fertiliser (you can get "green" ones these days) should do the trick. Oh yeah, and that Titchmarsh fellow or his friends may have detailed instructions.

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