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Party faux pas part deux

Party faux pas part deux

From Zoe’s 30th birthday party, more faux pas…

* Never keep talking and generally blabbering. Especially when people are coming up to you to say Hello’n’Goodbye. Must learn to shut up – or at least know when to shut up.

* Apparently I’m the weird’n’wacky one. So never say the first thing that comes to my head. I seem to recall a running joke about in future benefits being tested based on how much waste is generated in the toilet, and I apparently took it that *one* step too far. Maybe I should rename the blog “One step too far….”

* Must learn how to mingle. Although it was much easier at L’s garden party than Z’s sit-down-in-London party.

Stayed at Mike’n’Zoe’s Saturday night, and had a weird dream in which a mutant virus had wiped out the entire world. Again. Must stop having those dreams. But now I’m drinking bottled water just in case…

Called Roger, had some lovely dim-sum, geeked out at his place and saw the best bit of Bruce Almighty – Morgan Freeman being GOD! Now that’s high-concept for you…

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