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Worst Doctor Who episode. Evah.

Worst Doctor Who episode. Evah.

How do you foul up an episode with so many potentially great elements in it? Daleks? In New York? With pig slaves? Bring it on! Or, rather don’t!

(Spoilers within…)

  • Left over from the last episode, but how on earth can super-advanced aliens who survived a Time War not be able to detect human beings and Time Lords in the sewers?
  • Given that Dalek Sec was a full-blown Dalek with all his memories, couldn’t he remember the sheer hatred Daleks had for anyone not of their own kind?
  • For a race that hates anything that isn’t pure Dalek, they don’t half go around mucking with everyone else’s DNA.
  • “Oh, I’m a being that hates anything that isn’t pure Dalek. I know, I’ll spread what remains of my Dalek DNA by injecting it into humans everywhere”
  • “Oh, I’m the last of the Time Lords, who fought a bitter battle with Daleks throughout the centuries. They destroyed my kind. And now I want to merge them with humanity, one of my favourite species, to create a breed of human Daleks with emotions. How would that benefit the universe, exactly? And if I’m clever enough to do that, why don’t I recreate the Time Lord race by combining my DNA with that of humans?”
  • Mind you, given that earlier we’d essentially seen the Doctor goading two hovering Daleks to kill him, this Doctor isn’t quite as rational as previous Doctors.
  • The kidnapped humans are divided into “low” intelligence and “high” intelligence. The low-intelligence ones are turned into pig slaves who lose all memories of themselves yet somehow remember to look up impatiently while waiting for a lift to ping. The high-intelligence ones then get their memories and their humanity wiped so they can be turned into Dalek-DNA-infused humans. But surely this would wipe out their intelligence to begin with?
  • Surely if merging one human with a Dalek creates a human-Dalek hybrid with tentacles, then injecting pure Dalek DNA into a bunch of comatose humans will result in *some* Dalek features on their humanoid bodies?
  • The last time an alien race wanted to merge themselves into “dead” human bodies, the Gelth nearly wiped out the Earth. He’s got a short memory, this Doctor.
  • Hell, everyone has a short memory this episode. This is the third time (in just four stories) that Martha has found the Doctor seemingly dead, and tries to revive him before the Doctor just happens to wake up. Hell, in The Shakespeare Code, Martha says “Hang on, you’ve done this before.” – Why does it surprise her this time when he pops back up?
  • Not to mention which, why does Martha keep trying to persuade the Doctor to admit his “love” for her? It ain’t gonna happen for a long time, kiddo.
  • If Tallulah loves Lazlo so much, why doesn’t she hide him in her apartment instead of sending him to Hooverville?

Having said that, finally Dalek guns get used properly in this episode with lasers galore.

But overall, a huge disappointment. At least next week’s looks rather interesting..


  • Not forgetting, that the pigs in the lift took a whole 4 to 6 minutes to come up to level 100, enough time for Martha to arrange the scaffold for the lightning. Handy that!

    And Dalek Caan at the end? "I know, instead of killing my mortal enemy the Doctor and THEN doing a ETS, i'll think 'nah, sod it!', and just ETS without killing him".


  • To be fair, it's a 1930s lift in an era when skyscrapers were barely invented. So that might work. Plus, in the real Empire State Building, I don't think there's a lift that goes straight from ground to floor 100…

  • Charlie

    What about the fact that the human slaves cocked their Dalek guns when they weren't shotguns, they were frikkin laser beams!

  • tvsinesperanto

    "…couldn’t he remember the sheer hatred Daleks had…"

    But you forget that Dalek Sec (et al) are members of the Cult of Skaro and, as such, think and act as individuals (hence the fact they have names) and have a remit to think as the enemy does (i.e Humans and Time Lords) and to come up with novel methods of survival and killing the enemy.

    To their knowledge, the members of the Cult of Skaro were the last existing Daleks in the universe. This being the case, the imperative to survive and increase their numbers would be far more critical than the drive to simply destroy the enemy. Hence the attempts at DNA transfer and lack of focus on killing all and sundry.

    Mind you, they never do seem to quite getting around to finishing off the Doctor, do they?

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