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Daleks in Manhattan…

Daleks in Manhattan…

Spoilers abound so if you haven’t seen Daleks in Manhattan yet, don’t read my disorganised jumbled thoughts on it!

Ahhh, that’s better.

For starters, it’s an awful episode title. If you’re promising Daleks in Manhattan, I want Daleks in Manhattan. I want to see them trumbling down Times Square, ideally blowing up things and killing tourists as they go. I want to see Daleks rising from those steamy pot-holes in the street. I want mayhem. And what do we get? Daleks in the basement, one Dalek looking at a CGI landscape.

I know having Daleks blow up bits of New York is a bit much to expect on any kind of budget, let alone a BBC budget, but they could at least have a Dalek trundling past the Statue of Liberty or something.

Also, I have never seen such an unlike representation of Central Park as was in Daleks in Manhattan. It was so obviously some kind of park in the UK. Although at least Hooverville looked “authentic”.

Egads, the accents of the Americans. It rivals Nicola Bryant (Peri)’s American accent for sheer awfulness.

I’m also not too sure about this Doctor’s propensity for spotting a mystery and trying to solve it a la Scooby Doo. In The Shakespare Code, he wanted to solve the mystery of the missing play, and now he wants to solve the mystery of Hooverville. Which rather gives the air of a bored aristocrat playing at adventures, as opposed to someone trying to right wrongs.

Oh, why pig men?! Was there a job lot of pig parts that were being sold cheap to Doctor Who?

I do also love all the ret-conning of black/non-white people into human history. By essentially having them walk past in cameo roles – or explaining away the racism of 1930s New York by having these folks being enlightened. Still, it’s better than ignoring the problem as in the past.

And oh my oh my, this half-human half-Dalek thing. It’s not a very sensible idea to say the least. Where’s the killer lasers to knock down your enemy? The only reason I can make out to “evolve” is to reproduce – but how do you reproduce with a thing like that? Not to mention that you’ve now gotten rid of the coolest black Dalek in the show – bad move!

Still next week we’ve got attacking Daleks in the sky! Explosions!

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