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Memo to self regarding my made-up personality

Memo to self regarding my made-up personality

In lieu of a personality in my youth, I often took bits and pieces from the people I saw around me ie my television set. So I took the fast-talking speed of Ben Elton, and the talking-gibberish hiding a keen-intellect side from the Doctor. That is, aside from the keen intellect – the Internet has put paid to that methinks.

In other words, I have a tendency to talk fast gibberish. Couple that with the general tendency to say the first funny or quirky thing that comes to my head, and it can lead to a couple of uh-oh moments. Especially in a new environment when people don’t quite yet know what to make of me.

Thus today, when a colleague and I were deciding which door to enter a building with, I just happened to mention my irrational hatred of a particular door. I even said off-hand of how I wish I had an axe so I could shred the door to pieces. This is when my colleague adopted the unmistakable look of “ok… right…” …

He hasn’t talked to me for the rest of the day. Oh dear…


  • i completely empathise with the "weird things" that splurge out at inopportune times. My workmates have learned to laugh at me while i try and explain…and then laugh at me when it doesn't work!

    Quirks are good though! 🙂

  • When meeting people for the first time, don't discuss how best to fit small babies into a freezer. Seems to freak them out.

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