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Like Glee? Then you’re a 20-something woman. Discuss.

Like Glee? Then you’re a 20-something woman. Discuss.

The geniuses at have mashed-up their data to produce a chart divided by gender/age as to what most of their users in a particular age-range and gender enjoy.

Artists grouped by their listeners' gender and age

It also allows you the option of looking at your favourite groups to find out who you’d be hanging out with at concerts. So I got …

It looks like I have the music taste of a gender-confused/neutral 30-year-old. Or a twenty-something woman.

Must listen to more macho music.


  • i have just spent a good twenty minutes playing with this. i am a gender neutral 27 year old with leanings toward more older noises than younger. i like the comparing things with other people! that is fun.

  • So seriously, THE BLUES BROTHERS are the music 25 year olds are listening to? Really? and Moby, maybe… but really! REALLY!

    Back to you Seth.

    REALLY!!! :0

  • pixus75

    where do you do this ? ON ? (i hardly even toggle anymore since they want me to pay now.. )
    i'll have heaps of kids songs tho too, i think lol
    and also : your username is badlydubbedboy?? TWO ?? .. .ROFL
    i recommend static X, lamb of god and say, slipknot to raise your music taste testosterone level instantly…

    • If you follow the blog link, there's an option to do it at the bottom – but it's fairly useless if doesn't know what you listen to. I don't think they charge to catalogue what you're listening to. And as for the username, yeah, it was my old blogname…

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