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Doctor Who and religion…

Doctor Who and religion…

If you haven’t seen this week’s superlative episode Gridlock, then go and watch it now before you read my thoughts!

Isn’t it amazing how an atheist homosexual Welshman has turned the Doctor (and his character) from an asexual, non-religious hero to a heterosexual hero who essentially ushers in a new immigrant population of Welsh revivalists to New New (x14) York? Admittedly a far more inclusive hero who doesn’t judge or bat an eyelid at anything except mood dealers…

Also, far be it for me to second-guess RTD, but wouldn’t it have been a neat echo of The Long Game / Bad Wolf, to reveal that it was in fact the unleashing of all the viruses/cures from the hospital in New Earth that led to the death of New New York?

So… there may be another Time Lord on the loose. I really really hope it’s not The Master – can we have a new Time Lord character please?

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  • (( THEORETICAL SPOILERS AHEAD )) – I really hope it *is* the master. He managed to scare the bejeezus out of me when I was a kiddie. (Plus, my friend's dad had a pointy evil beard and I used to think he was either the Master or Ming the Merciless.)

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