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Is there life after Mars?

Is there life after Mars?

Well, that was a crap ending to a time-travel series, really, wasn’t it? Almost as bad as the ending to Quantum Leap – although at least the ending to Quantum Leap felt more consistent. Although other people seemed to like it.

To be fair, I haven’t seen much of Life On Mars – mostly because I just don’t feel that nostalgic surge for a time when men were men, women were women and the police could do what they like and get away with it.

Spoilers within…

So to have an ending which essentially says that modern policemen would rather live in a nostalgic fantasy version of the 1970s rather than the modern world is rather erm… interesting. Akin to saying that it is better to live in a drug-induced fantasy haze than to fight to survive today.

Or maybe I’ve gotten completely the wrong end of the stick? I’ve assumed that Gene Hunt and the 1970s are all a fantasy construct in the mind of Steve Tyler. But the news of an 80s-based London sequel (sounds like a BBC/Kudos version of Dempsey and Makepeace – can we have ultra-cool car chases please ?!) rather implies that Gene Hunt and his lot are real, and that Steven Tyler either really did travel in time via a coma, or that Steven Tyler is himself the dream…

Interestingly, the last time a BBC programme tried to merge time-travel into a non-sci-fi genre, that programme also ended with the modern protagonist stuck in the past. Maybe this speaks volumes for what the BBC audience would prefer!

(Oh, and in an amazing feat, Wikipedia updated its page with the Life On Mars ending within 7 minutes of the programme ending! Does this mean that we can just find out how all TV series ends by consulting Wikipedia?)


  • it's Sam Tyler not Steven 😉 i missed the finale cos i was in the pub (oh for a change!) but i enjoyed the series. And at least it's not going to drag on for another five years!

  • Thanks for hiding the spoilers! I've not seen a single episode of this series. I might catch up on it when/if I get back.

    For the record, I loved the ending to QL even though it came at a bad time, just as the series was perking up again.

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