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Here's my receipt for your receipt…

Here's my receipt for your receipt…

My previous place of work was a £4 billion public sector organisation with staff on hand to clean telephones, so when I say that my current place of work has bureaucracy up the wazoo, it’s not an observation I make lightly.

The current office obsession is about moving desks and rearranging offices – more on that story tomorrow. But as part of that, I had to fill in a purchase order form for a new desk, and get that signed by the manager. Or so I thought.

Nope, it turns out that the form I filled in was not for a purchase order, but a request for a purchase order. Which still needed to be signed by the manager. And now there’s a purchase order form, but that also needs to be signed by the manager.

So in upshot, I’ve had to fill in a form and get it signed by my manager, so that I can get another form to get that signed by my manager.

And thus, I break my self-imposed rules about not blogging about work.


  • zuzula

    Brilliant – worthy of The Office!

  • I bet your missing the 'good old days…'

  • Surly

    Quit your whining – the point here is that you get a new desk. If I want a new desk, I have to buy it myself! Come to think of it, if I want *anything*, I have to buy it myself. Hmph.

  • I once wasted three months writing a set of twelve SOPs for 'Global Mega Corp' covering every aspect of my job, at the end of which my line-management decided that if I worked to the SOPs my work would be slowed by 50%, so they decided not to bother.

    Is this some perverse manifestation of ISO9001 or some other quality system, or is Mystery Company X just particularly anal?

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