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Things I should never do at parties again

Things I should never do at parties again

Went to L’s party last night…. Things that should not ever happen again in a drunken haze:

* Start talking to an attractive, if slightly older woman, and do the usual “So what do you do?”-type questions. Then when her younger mischievous colleague says “She fancies you. You want her. I’ll put in a good word” – stop him doing that. Because after that, she kinda stopped talking to me. On the other hand, I still managed to give her my card over something like the gym.

* Keep calling a work colleague by the wrong name. Until she tells you what her name is.

Still, a good night out chatting to strangers and almost getting away with it. Even if I found myself half-fancying the wrong women, as per usual. Talked to one guy who turned out to head to Tywyn every other weekend for the Talyllyn Railway, so that’s a good way to get a lift home. I even knew the woman he dated.

Now gotta head to London and Zoe’s birthday. I’ve almost got a life these days.


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