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Where to smoke that post-Doctor Who cigarette

Where to smoke that post-Doctor Who cigarette

You can tell by how much Doctor Who is dominating BBC’s output when you can’t turn for Doctor Who-related items everywhere, and two BBC TV channels end up squabbling over the remains to capture the Doctor Who audience.

Picture the scene – you’ve managed to take over the living room television for the first episode of new Who (this Saturday, 7pm, BBC One, fact fans). Hell, you might have seen it on the big screen that morning via preview screenings in Wales.

So at 7.45pm, you can:

And that’s just the BBC. Never mind the rest of the Internet and multimedia empire.

Personally, I’ll hopefully battle server apathy and get through to Outpost Gallifrey, to watch thousands of really dedicated Whovians picking the episode to pieces. Great fun.


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