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Product placement for the blind

Product placement for the blind

I’ve blogged before about the ridiculous amount of product placement in Casino Royale, but the DVD edition takes the whole packet of biscuits!

Some DVDs come with a little presentation booklet about the film you’re about to watch. Some DVDs come with one little flyer detailing the chapters in the DVD.

The Casino Royale DVD eschews both these approaches for a little flyer advertising a sunshine resort in the Bahamas, and another advert for

But that’s not enough, oh no. Not only do they literally have the characters marvelling at each other’s choice of watches – but in the scene where Bond checks on the location of his enemy in a lift using a mobile phone, the audio description service (describing what happens during a given scene for the visually impaired) narration says “Bond checks on the location of le Chiffre using his Sony Ericsson”. It namechecks the brand over the actual gadget in question!

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  • It's still the Best Bond Ever, though I have to admit from your description of the ADS that it wont be amongst my favourites when I go blind (I have Retinitis Pigmentosa, so Im not being sarcastic!)

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