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Ambivalent about Doctor Who

Ambivalent about Doctor Who

Ahhh, dear reader. I have a bit of a quandary – whether to run along the North Wales coast to see a big-screen screening of the premiere episode of new Doctor Who with David Tennant and Freema Agyeman seven hours before the rest of the UK – or to stay in bed and have a nice lie-in. I fear, I may choose the latter…

After all, around this time last year I was in Cardiff hob-nobbing with the press corps at the press preview of Doctor Who and writing Doctor Who preview-related gags for a newspaper. And now I’m not – and besides which, the press previews were in London yesterday.

Watching Doctor Who these days tends to bring up bitter-sweet memories and feelings these days. Whether it’s spotting old colleagues lurking in David Tennant’s fantastic video diaries, or just seeing a random Cardiff location masquerading as London or a foreign planet, it just keeps reminding me of my Cardiff and BBC days. Indeed, that’s partly the reason why I avoided Torchwood – in another universe, that could have been my web project, damn it!

But then I was never entirely happy there either, and a change in my life was well overdue. I think I’d have felt a lot better about it if I’d left by choice instead of having the decision thrust upon me. For the third time. Ah well…


  • compare that with me who has just done a little dance around the office after realizing that Who is back and that the next series has been commissioned.

  • I don't get what the hype is all about. Even with new technology behind it, Who as a series is still way behind American Sci-Fi series. There's just no contuinity to a Who season, no running sub-plots, nada. It's just a sparked up version of Mr Benn (YouTube link for those of you too young to remember)

  • I found out there is to be an episode called "42". This is the first time since Tom Baker that I've been genuinely interested in Dr Who.

  • I was so horrified to hear over your lack of excitement about the good Doctor's return, that I took a boat, then a car.. to Donna's PC in Leeds to type this.. "Bullshit".. Your as excited as a giddy schoolboy over the Doctors return on Saturday..

    Enjoy it for the amazing show it is.. However, Life On Mars has been impressing me recently too.

    Take care and hope you and Rhian are well. Cheers Ty & Donna (not quite yet the Runaway Bride!)

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