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Pens! They're the best friends you can have.

Pens! They're the best friends you can have.

Well, it’s taken two months but I’ve finally managed to get to grips with one of the most important things when starting a new job – where you get your pens, paper, staples, stapler, hole puncher and lever arch files. More importantly, who the administration assistant is – because until you find this diva of information, you’re swimming in treacle.

On my first day here, after a dreary two-hour induction which mostly involved being told how to lift boxes properly, I was sent to my office. Which meant sharing with three developers and a designer in a basement with no mobile phone access, or webmail. So far so good – except there was unaccountably a huge partition separating me from them. Since then, I’ve been languishing somewhat not knowing how to get basic information about how the company works, mostly because the developers are really the types to hunker down until something gets done, darnit.

But now I’ve found the admin assistant, I’m surrounded by all the stationary paraphenalia a project manager needs, I’ve managed to get the partition removed and I can now carry a proper notebook to meetings instead of scraps of paper. Now all I need is a laptop instead of this Celeron machine…


  • Surly

    Alright, I'm actually commenting on your little message. You are SO like me – changing your blog name? Why on Earth would you do that? You're just as frickin' restless and bored as the rest of us. Welcome to the world. Did I mention I just changed my business name? hahahaha!

  • Teehee hee! I am this 'diva of information' in my bldg. And you guys couldn't wipe your own asses if your lives depended upon it.

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