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Am I the only one who doesn't diss Joss Stone?

Am I the only one who doesn't diss Joss Stone?

During this year’s Brits Awards 2007, Joss Stone came along to present an award, sporting red curly hair and rambling in an American accent. Coming from someone who is ostensibly a blonde 18-year-old teenager from Devon.

This provoked a media ministorm-in-a-teacup, although I had assumed at the time it was mainly media-generated on a slow news day from showbiz hacks desperate for any kind of story. I mean, Joss Stone is – whichever way you look at it – quite a success. Surely the British have gone beyond being jealous of success.

But apparently not. Mid-week sales for her third album – just released – apparently place her in the top 20, but not the top 10 as expected. From what I’ve heard of the album (alright, I’ve just seen the single on MTV) it’s as catchy and “cool” as her other singles. So what gives?

Did I miss the memo which said we were all supposed to intensely dislike Joss Stone these days?


  • HA! Sounds like she's the anti-Madonna.

  • a fan

    Ok, i am, sorry WAS as huge joss stone fan, her Mind Body and Soul album got me through my first year at Uni and it was played non stop. However, since she has been away- she has change and i hate to say,not for the better. What is with this new accent and Diva-swagger that she has got going on????
    personally, she has a great voice which is distinctive and unique which inturn is easily recognised as a Joss Stone piece of music but what is going on with her new album. I have seen countless interviews where she has said that Soul Sessions and MInd, Body and Soul are just average or ok albums and that this new one is all her as she has been able to get her own way. Her opinion fine, but If that is the case then i think that Ms Stone may be on to a losing battle in the UK. I have listened to it and only found about 3 decent tracks on the whole thing. To base a career around that is pretty poor- i think that her record company was onto something. Fair enough the singles she will release in the future may be catchy but the album is still poor. I know that this is a complete diss on the Stone but she has it coming to her. Ok, Change is good but when a whole population sees a perfomance like what happened on the brits then you know something is up!!!!!
    I know she is young and (maybe) Naive, but if her career in america fluctuates as well as i think it may become- i have a suspicion that we are onto another Mariah Carey- kinda "Fruit Loop" incident. It does propose the question of how can a simple/ talented girl from DEVON- makes you proud to be british- turn into a wanabee- american who thinks the world owes her something special??????
    I know that if you are a fan, she said that people can have their own opinions of her and as a person (which, i have taken to heart just abit) but it is the music that should speak for her- then go figure…… a top 5 single and a TOP 20 album doesnt really prove much- considering her other album went No1 and her first one sold like hot cakes.
    Ok, i feel as though i have said enough- i dont mean to diss her this much, but if she has lost my respect then i am sure that she has lost others too. I agree Change- thats great, but lose the attitude and this whole accent crap, it make her look like a fool rather than a professional singer who has the ability to influence younger generations to come.
    Anyway…………Phew!! That feels better!!!

  • Joss Stone is a great singer. Her latest album is not the best but i love the "What Were We Thinking" song. She rocks.

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