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14 seconds?

14 seconds?

Picture the scene.

One checks out the BBC’s Doctor Who website on a Friday afternoon. On a whim really. Only to spot that they’re proudly showing off a new teaser, with a graphic of the Doctor and new companion Martha running away from a huge fireball.

So with a shrek of delight that deafens Miss R, I click on download. And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And after all that waiting, what do I get? 14 seconds of video of the Doctor looking to camera, a caption saying “When two worlds collide”. Then another shot of Martha looking to camera, then the same caption.

If this is the marketing tagline for the third season, it’s showing a slight lack of imagination to say the least.

Bah humbug. Give me trailers! explosions! a new season of Doctor Who! a TX date!


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