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What is the point in Size Zero?

What is the point in Size Zero?

Amidst all the current media furore of the trend towards Size Zero (US measurements), ITV thoughtfully provided a 90-min documentary last night where former pop star Louise Nurding / Redknapp tried to get down to size zero in a month.

Now most documentaries try and at least give a semblance of neutrality in their commentary – oh no, not this documentary. Even given the sad reality that half its’ audience was probably watching for diet tips, the constant emphasis on how bad and evil this was, how damaging it was to her etc. – the constant biased commentary really annoyed me. Indeed, my main thoughts running through the documentary were:

– Louise is very easy on the eyes. Why would she want to fit into that dress?
– That dress is not very good-looking. Why would she want to fit into that dress?
– She was quite tiny at the start. Why would she want to get smaller?
– She has got to be quite determined to want to go down to size zero and risk her health and wellbeing for a dress and a TV programme
– She goes in the gym every day. There’s one determined lady. I can’t even go once a season.
– She went down from a D-cup bra to a B-cup bra. Why in Gods’ name would anyone want to do that ?!
– She flies to Los Angeles for the final push to size zero. God knows what the carbon footprint alone for that was like.
– After being a size zero, she’s not so easy on the eyes. And probably far more miserable to boot.

Then again, on BBC3 there was Freaky Eaters, featuring a British man who had only eaten spaghetti hoops and toast for his entire life. Faced with the notion of eating a peeling off a carrot, he vomited. I know Mosh will vastly prefer to eat KFC to anything else, but this is ridiculous.

Am I a freak for pretty much eating whatever’s in front of me? Then again, I’ll probably eat the plate too…

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