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Cheese is alive and well

Cheese is alive and well

I would have thought that in these post Alan-Partidge, post-irony, post Web 2.0, post dotcom boom days that no-one would dare to advertise a business opportunity for a well-known professional social networking site with this god-awful graphic:

A really terrible advert

I mean, just count the number of ways in which this advert is *so* wrong:

  • The facial gesture
  • The hand gesture – a second-hand car salesman knows not to do this
  • The Bluetooth-esque attachment, clearly meant to signify wealth and success. What it says, of course, is “I am a huge twat of an idiot and deserve to be turned into a Cyberman when the revolution of steel beckons”
  • The really bad Photoshopping
  • The obvious use of stock photo clipart, and one cheesy actor

I feel very sorry for whichever Photoshop monkey put this together. It’s just sooo terrible. And endemic of all that’s wrong with the web industry. It’s not a quick-grab money-raking opportunity. Well, unless you’re very lucky.


  • When I was in my 'building lots of sites' phase, I was going to do one on bad stock photos – everything from the person seen from above with large heads to silly gestures categories. Web hosts are especially bad for such things… 😀

  • Terrible….I want it!

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