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Born of frustration…

Born of frustration…

The Internet has been around us now for at least fifteen years. And during my current pro-longed absence from the nitty gritty of webcoding, I’d mistakenly thought that browser inconsistencies on simple webpages that rendered them broken were a thing of the past. Oh no.

Up till yesterday afternoon, I thought my blog looked absolutely fine on Firefox and Internet Explorer. Of course, I’d never actually checked it on Internet Explorer, but that was because I mistakenly thought the two would have sorted themselves out ages ago. At least, until someone casually said in an email that it was all in Big Print (thanks Dylan!).

So after a dinner of pizza and chips – well, what else do you want to eat when you’re about to delve into a night of web-coding? – I set about finding a solution, to find a font-size that’d work on both IE and Firefox within the FastTrack WordPress theme that I’d had installed. It seemed such a universal thing to want to fix – different browsers with the same font-size that I thought it’d be an easy solution – just look it up on Google, copy the code, job done in time to watch Bonkers’n’Benidorm (heaven knows why I bother though).

Nope. Four hours later, I hadn’t gotten anywhere aside from breaking my website multiple times. None of the offered code on the nets seemed to work, and I couldn’t even figure out how to downgrade my IE7 installation to IE6. I seem to have lost my webcoding mojo – which is a bit of a shame because I was just beginning to enjoy it again.

With the clock fast approaching midnight, there was only one thing for it – go back to an old theme and hope it worked. So welcome back old stalwart Connections Reloaded. So now it works again, but why oh why oh why wasn’t there a simple Google-able solution out there? it’s not like solving the Israel/Palestine conumdrum, is it?


  • Glad to know you've switched back to my theme đŸ™‚

    Were you facing any specific problem with it earlier?

  • Just fancied a change, really! and FastTrack made it a lot easier to change the header image…

  • One of these days I’ll shift my stuff over to something like WordPress. In the meantime I’m using some awful cobble-together of off-site Blogger, Javascript, PHP and chewing gum…

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